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Elevate your content and ignite the engagement you seek!
We're here to streamline content creation, delivering impressive outcomes. Our passion lies in crafting content that holds your audience's attention and fosters meaningful interactions. Our approach emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, aiming for clarity, conciseness, and impact in everything  we produce.
Everyone has a story, and ours features holding a Guinness world record...
When it comes to crafting compelling branding, launching new networks, producing captivating content,
or designing striking visuals, rely on us to bring your story to life!

What we do...

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We're all about bringing creative ideas to life. We love to create and thrive on pushing boundaries and 

embrace both artistry and technology, allowing us to deliver bold and innovative solutions to our clients.

Whether you're an innovative startup, a major broadcasting company, Fortune 500 corporation, non-profit or local business,

we're here to assist you. Our diverse range of clients is a testament to our ability to adapt and cater to different industries and needs.

Our mission is to help businesses and brands grow, and connect with their audiences effectively. From conceptualization to execution, we'll guide you every step of the way. We have the skills and equipment to create stunning content that will inform and engage your viewers.




Our crewing services ensure that you have the right talent and resources for your project. And when it comes to post-production, our award-winning editing and design team will bring your vision to life.

We also offer REMI services, allowing you to remotely produce and broadcast live events, saving you time and resources.

Our experience and capabilities ensure that your final product is polished and ready to captivate your audience.

Video Camera
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Content | Strategy

Our focus is on creating innovative content, programming, and workflows that cater to your specific requirements. With over 2 billion views and a Guinness world record, we have a track record of getting our clients noticed. We assist brands by effectively connecting with their target audiences through engaging storytelling, compelling content, and live streaming.

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Documentaries | News 

We are masters of storytelling. Our aim is to create an immersive experience for viewers, allowing them to feel as if they are living the story themselves.  Our content is not limited to a single platform. Whether it's through tv, streaming, or interactive applications, we ensure that your stories are accessible to a wide range of viewers in a way that captivates audiences, sparks conversations, and creates meaningful connections.

Checking the news online

Image | Branding

Ideation and innovation are at the core of what we do. Our focus is on providing content, marketing and branding services that deliver impactful solutions.

Whether you're looking to swiftly develop and launch a new idea or seeking to enhance and expand your existing products and brand, we've got you covered.


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Steve Williams,

Co-Founder, PFC

CVM is a multi media machine with all the skills desired to get things rolling in a big way. They were instrumental in launching, developing and selling PFC within 6 months...

Lee Abrams,

CEO, Mediavisions

Outstanding executor/manager of a very complex new approach in tv news (NewsFix). Gary (Jaffe) took the reins and was effective and efficient in delivering the goods to a high standard.

Matt Groeteke, KCBS/KCAL

What most would consider the impossible, Gary (Jaffe) sees as a place to get started. 

Get in touch with us today, and let's get started on creating content that truly stands out!

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